Harley Davidson Boots: Boots With Attitude And Style

harley davidson boots for menHarley Davidson boots are synonymous with freedom. They speak of freedom to ride, of style, and of expressing oneself. These boots have classic designs combined with intricate details that will surely show off your inner rebel.


Technology Used In Making Great Boots

Do you ever wonder why Harley Davidson boots are so comfortable to wear? The reasons for this utmost comfort and great performance are the technologies used in making this footwear. These technologies are listed below.

  • Real Leather – These boots are made of Tec-Tuff leather, which is abrasion and water resistant; thus, offering utmost protection against wear and tear from riding.
  • Shock –absorbing Footbed – With each step, the foot is made comfortable due to the unique shock-absorbing cushions that the footbed contains. This polyurethane footbed is fully-cushioned and is removable.
  • Superior Lining Materials – Harley Davidson boots have two linings. Firstly, the Gore-Tex waterproof lining allows perspiration to escape, making the boots breathable. Also, water can’t get in through this lining, making such footwear waterproof. The second lining used with these boots is the ComforTemp lining.  This lining further increases the wearer’s comfort while wearing these boots even under extreme weather conditions. It actually stores and returns the body heat when needed as well as draws off heat and moisture.
  • Outstanding Outsoles – The boots’ outsoles are slip, oil and abrasion resistant due to the clincher compound incorporated in them.


Styles of Boots

harley davidson boots for womenThe styles of Harley Davidson motorcycle boots are always unique and exceptional. Simple details added to these boots create a great impact. A buckle can soften the aggressive overall look of these boots, not forgetting to mention the nature of the brand itself. A modest stich can make the boots feminine too. Styles of Harley Davidson boots for men differ from that of women. Men’s boots are bolder and when worn, the wearer creates a tough yet fashionable image. The following are the most popular choices when it comes to men’s boots.

  • Constrictor
  • Ranger
  • Stan
  • Scout
  • Troy

On the other hand, Harley Davidson boots for women are sleek, stylish and sexy. There are many styles to choose from but the ones listed below are the most sought after.

  • Hollie
  • Karlia
  • Kiarah
  • Johanna
  • Jonelle


How to Know the Authenticity of the Boots

harley davidson motorcycle bootsIt is a fact that there are so many counterfeit products that are being sold, most especially at online stores. To know that you are buying a pair of genuine Harley Davidson boots instead of a fake one and to also get your money’s worth of your purchase, the boots should have the following upon purchase:

  • Official Item or Product Number
  • Official Harley Davidson Tags
  • Under the right of the Bar and Shield logo, there should be the letter “R”
  • If the product is new, it should come in the original Harley Davidson packaging.

harley davidson boots

When it comes to the Harley Davidson logo, make sure to pay attention to it because there are so many alterations done if the products are fake ones such as writing ‘Motorcycle’ as ‘Motor Company.’ Also, authentic boots are a bit expensive but you are ensured of the exceptional quality and comfort. These boots are of great quality, made with precise stitching and with excellent lining; hence, comfort, style and great experience are guaranteed.